Criteria for Filing a Worthless Check Complaint

     In order for the Worthless Check Unit to accept a worthless check for prosecution, the following criteria MUST be met:

–The transaction in which the worthless check was presented must have taken place in TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, ALABAMA.   A worthless check mailed from another locale (including another state) may be referred to the WCU if it was mailed/delivered to Tuscaloosa County.

–All worthless checks MUST be referred to the Worthless Check Unit no later than ONE YEAR from the date on the check.

In order to file a complaint with the Worthless Check Unit, the check(s) in question should be stamped either “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS” (NSF) or “CLOSED ACCOUNT” (also “NO ACCOUNT FOUND”).

The check must be written for a thing of value.

–The check must have been presented for payment (deposited) no later than 30 days after the date of the check.

–Post-dated checks in which the recipient/payee has agreed to accept the check as a post-dated instrument AND/OR checks dated for the negotiation date but in which the recipient/payee agrees to hold the check and present it for payment on a later date CANNOT BE PROSECUTED.  You may have civil remedies through Small Claims or Civil Court. 

If a partial payment has been accepted by the victim, the Worthless Check Unit CANNOT accept the check in question for prosecution.


Please contact the Worthless Check Unit at (205) 758-7511 if you have any questions about a particular case.

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