Restitution Recovery Unit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What types of cases does the Restitution Recovery Unit handle?

     The RRU handles cases referred to our office by the District & Circuit Courts of Tuscaloosa County as well as the Tuscaloosa and Northport Municipal Courts.  These involve instances where Court-ordered restitution and/or court costs/fines have not been paid by a defendant within a period of time specified per the order of the Court.

What happens after a  case is referred to the RRU?

     Upon receiving a case, the RRU works to make contact with a defendant regarding their delinquent restitution.  If appropriate, the RRU will make arrangements with an individual to make payments towards his or her restitution balance over a period of time.

I am the victim in a case.  When can I expect to receive my money?

     Collection times vary on a case by case basis.  We work to insure that restitution is paid in a timely manner and that the defendant clears the total balance in as short a period of time as possible.

I am a victim in a case and I have moved since I filed my original restitution affidavit.  What do I need to do?

     You should contact the District Attorney’s Victim Service Unit at (205) 349-1252 and advise them of your current contact information.  This will ensure that you receive any restitution payments without a delay.

I served time for an offense so why do I still have to pay restitution?

     Unless an individual is specifically ordered by the Court to serve time in lieu of restitution, simply serving out a sentence will not absolve an individual of responsibility for paying restitution and associated fines, fees, or court costs as ordered by the Court.  If you have questions regarding your sentence, you should consult with your attorney or the clerk of the court in which you were prosecuted and sentenced.

I received a letter from the Restitution Recovery Unit regarding unpaid restitution.  How long do I have to pay?

     Restitution is due in full upon receipt of a letter from the RRU.  However, if an individual is unable to clear the total balance, he or she may appear in person or telephone our office to discuss payment arrangements.  Any such arrangements will be based upon several factors and will vary from person to person.

How can I make a payment on my case?

Payments can be made in person, via the mail (address below), or online at:

Mailed payments must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order made payable to: Tuscaloosa Co. District Attorney. If you mail your payment and wish to receive a receipt, you must enclose a self-addressed-stamped-envelope.

For questions or additional information regarding the Restitution Recovery Unit, please contact us at:


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