Child Support Unit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


What are the services available to parents through the Department of Human Resources (DHR)?

DHR performs the following functions:

–files court action for the adjudication of paternity
–establishes child support orders
–collects and enforces child support by income withholding
–initiates and prosecutes “in contempt” proceedings for failure to comply with court orders–modifies support orders to increase, decrease, or terminate as circumstances change

 Is there a charge for these services?

     There are no charges for utilizing DHR services.  DHR is authorized by Title IV-D of the Social Security Act of 1975 and Alabama law to provide child support services for any parent seeking the establishment of a parent-child relationship and/or to have child support ordered and enforced.

 How does the District Attorney’s Office become involved?

     An application for services must be made through DHR.  The case is then referred to the District Attorney’s Office by DHR.  The contract between DHR and the District Attorney’s Office bars the Child Support Unit from involvement and representation of custody and visitation matters.

For questions or additional information regarding child support, please contact:

Tuscaloosa County District Attorney
Child Support Unit
714 Greensboro Avenue
County Courthouse, Suite 334
Tuscaloosa AL 35401

Phone:          (205) 349-3870 x278

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